Whale sharks are here again!

Last Tuesday November 15,2016, we did the first whale shark trip in the season. It was a very nice day and the sea was really calm. It was  a perfect day for searching the whale sharks .

After 50 minutes of searching , we were being rewarded to snorkel with them. And on the way back home, we saw lots of dolphins and pilot whales.

We encounter them in the wild and we strictly do not feed the whale sharks, there is no 100% guarantee we  see them all the time.

Weesam fast ferry latest schedule

Weesam fast ferry cancelled their second trip to Maasin. There is only 1 trip now.

Cebu ( pier 3 ) to Maasin   6 am ETD, 9 AM ETA

Maasin to Cebu ( pier 3 )   9:30 am ETD, 12:30 PM ETA