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Whale Sharks are Backed!!!!!!

It’s been almost a year since our last whale shark trip before we could go back. It was happened yesterday 5th of January 2015 the first trip we ever make during this season.We were very excited yet we do not have any idea if we will spot this huge fish.The weather is not really cooperating well. We get sunshine occasionally but rains seem to dominate the entire trip. This make  even harder for us to spot the ” whale shark”. When we get there the dive master decided to do the dive first in Son-ok point before we  could  go on for whale shark watching. After the dive , we picked up the spotters and we paid  certain fees before we can proceed. After everything had been settled, the actual searching has finally begun. We tied up the three small boats of the spotters and we went to the Port of Benit, San Ricardo. And guess, who greet us first?. It was the ” 8 METER LONG WHALE SHARK CAME UP IN SURFACE AND IT WAS SWIMMING TOWARDs OUR BOAT. Everyone on board had been rewarded. Everyone  was having a good time, SNORKELING WITH THE SHARK.

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